November Site Updates (update 14)


More comments in Newsvine (reference: A Defense of Absolute Truth). Latest by Jack Huang (my response is located at #10). Topics reviewed: Shakespearean relevance to truth; guidelines for authenticity of NT manuscripts; absolute Truth, and its relationship to functional materialism; hermeneutics; Jesus and the fulfillment of OT law (w/ a brief review of Jewish history).



1. More comments pt 3 (response is in comment #8.6 and 8.7). It discusses the validity of attributing Shakespearean plays to Shakespeare; authenticity of the New Testament; misquoting Jesus; hermeneutics; accuracy and authenticity in Paul’s letters; Apocrypha (specifically the Gospel of Thomas); “altering” and infallibility (I’m sure there might be some others, but it took 5 minutes just to provide a summary up to this point).

2. More comments pt 4 (response is in comment #9.2). Points of discussion (mostly bears similarities w/ pt 3): heretical Christians; issues of accuracy and authenticity.



1. Sorry I haven’t been posting in awhile, finals and papers are approaching too quickly. This month might turn out to be a sparse one.

In the better news, yet more comments in Newsvine (reference: A Defense of Absolute Truth) on “reality” – absolute, relative and relatively absolute; more apologetics (subjects: Old Testament, New Testament interpretation, Jesus, and the significance of “innocent until proven guilty”), and the hermeneutic circle.

Also commented on the Haggard scandal here. One point I repeated on another post: churches should not grow beyond a certain size in a given time period, as they are often – paradoxically – evidence of stagnation and perhaps heresy.

2. More comments on Newsvine (with references to the CS Lewis metaphor in A Defense of Absolute Truth). I realize it’s become rather unreadable, so I’m posting direct links to latest responses now (as opposed to just the thread).

3. More comments pt 2 (response is in comment #9).



1. Two more responses to the Newsvine thread. Topics: interpretive inconsistencies: Biblical infallibility; a single correct interpretation of the Old Testament; physical relatively objective reality (functional materialism); problems (incoherency, inconsistencies) with functional materialism.

2. 37 new blocked spam/splog comments. Look out for anything with “blogdigest” or “digest” in it.



1. Two responses to the Newsvine thread (reference: A Defense of Absolute Truth). Topics: why science is not “objective” or fails to define “an objective reality”; New Testament/Old Testament “inconsistencies”.

(On another note: do you think I should rewrite it? It seems to be too confusing.)

2. Deleted a bogus comment from Tamar Hosny, which was previously let through. It appears it was another splog bot (but now it’s from celebrities. I thought it was strange that Tamer was blogging in third person…)

Akismet also blocked these following comments:

Adam Brody |
adam fox [ed: note the different name]
I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read.

Tila Nguyen |
kim nguyen

Interesting post. I came across this blog by accident, but it was a good accident. I have now bookmarked your blog for future use. Best wishes. Tila Nguyen.

These things are coming in at amazing speeds now…



Added Dieoff to Further Reading and Discussion Links. Hope you’ve been reading about Peak Oil.



More comments in Newsvine regarding A Defense of Absolute Truth.



Rearranged the Categories section for hierarchy. (The number of posts are way off. Apocalypse definitely does not have 109 posts. That was due to an importing error).

Also deleted four bogus comments that were from Splogs (original spam here: click at your own risk). Should’ve known it was spam, but alas, I was young and naive. “Any press is good press”, as the saying goes, right?

… Let’s just say I’ve learned my lesson. Hope no one got any viruses from clicking on the link(s).

The comments came from a total of three IP addresses:,, and – all from the Netherlands from a company named “RIPE“. Maybe that’s meant to be a metaphor…



Added Newsvine discussion link to A Defense of Absolute Truth (in intro). Also added post in For Atheists, with brief intro.


3 thoughts on “November Site Updates (update 14)

  1. You know, Albert, by including the full text of the comment and the link, you are posting on your page the very link that your splog-comment hunting seeks to remove, this time in an even more elevated position.

  2. Moreover, RIPE is the Réseaux IP Européens, to Europe what ARIN is to the US. When ARIN returns RIPE for the entered IP addresses, what it’s basically telling you is, ‘we have no record of this, as it is out of our jurisdiction; please consult RIPE for further information.’ should resolve the IP’s just fine.

  3. JPO,

    Thanks, I realized that when I posted it, but decided to go with it anyways. I’d rather have people (more for the bloggers) be aware of them in terms of what they spam comment and the general content of their website(s) than to just ignore the issue and let them deal with it once it comes up.

    In any case, this’ll probably be the last time I do it, unless a new type of splog comes up.

    Thanks anyway


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