October Site Updates (update 10)


A Defense of Absolute Truth post reformatted, minor changes to the intro [update: more minor changes. Sorry, it was late]. I realized, from a comment on Newsvine, that parts of it were hard to comprehend.



I know I haven’t posted an article in nearly 3 weeks – hopefully I’ll be getting back to that soon. In the meantime, take a look at A Defense of Absolute Truth, a summary of Ravi Zacharias’ message given last year at the Mormon Tabernacle.

I would recommend him more if it weren’t for his recent delve into demagoguery and politics. Praise God, his talent in philosophy must be one of the best in the world.



For Atheists: major addition in point 2 of Brett subheading.



For Atheists: part 5 added in Junaman thread; For Christians links to categories added in intro, Philippians 1:21 in conclusion.



For Atheists update: point 2 under Brett threads minor update, part 4 added under Junaman thread (with summary).



In For Atheists, reformat and subpoint under Brett threads (ongoing thread).



For Atheists and For Christians both re-updated.



Added a background to the titlebar, imported some posts from another site (see the For Christians page). Updated pages: For Atheists (last week), For Christians (10/22), and About (10/12).


2 thoughts on “October Site Updates (update 10)

  1. Howdy. Thanks for visting my blog. Could you present your argument on how rationalism can explain god via empiricism? Hopefully its not the “there’s-no-other-way-to-explain-it” bit. 🙂

    Here’s to more spirited yet civilized correspondence in the future.


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