Important distinctions between Y2K and Peak Oil

This post is actually a repost (without permission) of a thread I was reading on the Peak Oil discussion group, ROE2 (Running on Empty 2). Just another example of the great minds that are gathering to do something (hopefully) to have a positive impact for the future (of which I was again reminded by the weather abruptly turning cold here, and freezing as the result of trying to stay warm with only a small space heater and some winter clothes). Re: Y2K,was Re: Alternate Energies Posted by: “J libby” jlibby331

Thu Oct 19, 2006 4:35 pm (PST)

Y2K would never have been a civilization ending disaster. I suppose worse case scenario, it migh have caused a major recession, but we would have recovered qucikly. As mentioned here some time ago, I worked on banking software in the late 80s and we were making changes to software than. At that time, many programs couldn’t handle 30 year loans because of the 2 digit dates. But it certainly didn’t bring the mortgage loan business to a halt. Things that didn’t get fixed quick enough caused billing problems, but it all got worked out without causing major problems. The same would have been true of Y2K, if things weren’t fixed quick enough, there would be problems. But much effort and money were put into the problem by government and business to fix the problems. But they were known problems and people knew how to fix them. The media is what created the hype on Y2K. You don’t see that on PO. Where PO is concerned we don’t know how to fix the problem. It is not a situation where you get a bunch of highly educated people to spend a lot of hours to put in patches in a program to keep something bad from happening. It is a bunch of people who are not being told there is a problem and will probably never be told there is a problem until it is too late. Government can’t fix this problem, business can’t fix this problem. It is going to take people to change their whole thought process that they have had since they starting learning at 1 day old. Sure we have all these alternated energy things that Fred has been posting. I haven’t wasted my time reading them because most of them are pie in the sky. Even the ones that have potentail won’t be enough soon enough to do much good. Until people accept the fact that we have to change the way we think and the way we live, all the alternate energy in the world will not save this planet. As I mentioned in another post, it is not just the peaking of oil that is a problem. It is the peaking of a lot of other raw materials, the destroying of cropland, the destruction of the rain forests, the loss of habitat, the loss of species, global warming, water, etc, etc, etc. This world is in deep trouble. I may be a doomer and I may be a peaker, but I am a realist and I am not going to delude myself that something is going to come along and save us all just because that is what I want. I am also a liberal, which is another word that conservatives have made a dirty word. That means that I give a damn about the human race and want to see what is best for it. If a collapse of the American way of life is what is necessary for more people to live a decent life, than I am all for it. Jack in NE TN Bill Suboski wrote:

Y2K was never a problem, really, or… The Y2K crisis was narrowly avoided by the dedicated actions of many.


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