“Wondrous Miracles” Grow Pastor’s Church

This article was posted back on 7/25 on the GFA website, but I was reminded of it when I read the last article they sent me.

And it made me think back to a class the adult group in church was having on euthanasia in bioethics. The “lecturer” proceeded to inform us about the Terri Schiavo case insomething like this:

Life is precious. [Therefore, we should seek to preserve all life.]

Seemed pretty secular to me. Firstly, no one is going to argue that life isn’t precious. Even the Extremist Muslims in the Middle East feel that life is precious. Unfortunately, they just have a different view of what that means for them on earth. To segue, secondly, Jesus’ idea of life was entirely different than the one secular humanism believes in.

Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

Matt 10:39

In any case, because this particular man was a doctor, I’m sure he thought (as I learned, through a heated discussion) that his experience in the field would thereby lend credibility to his case. But here were my questions: what about the will of God and the power of God?

Wouldn’t God have allowed Terri Schiavo to live if he so chose? Wouldn’t prayer and a sincere heart for God have worked a miracle? I doubt he would’ve answered yes.

Moreover, it is indicative of an increasing self-reliance vs. reliance on God.

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.

Matt 7:24-25

Miracles are in no short supply! They just don’t tend to happen where people have little to no faith.


Pastor Darpan’s church is thriving.

“God is using Pastor Darpan vigorously and doing wondrous miracles as he ministers and prays for the sick and needy who approach him,” writes a GFA correspondent.

It has been a long journey for the Gospel for Asia missionary who pastors a church in a poor area of Chennai.

Several years ago, feeling a burden to reach the people of India’s Tamil Nadu state with the love of Jesus, Darpan moved to an impoverished part of the state’s capital city. Most of the people residing in the area were poor, employed in jobs such as construction, rickshaw driving or street vending. Few knew the Lord—until God began to answer Darpan’s prayers in powerful ways.

One day, the pastor went to visit a woman suffering from cancer. So advanced was the disease that other family members had lost all hope for her. But moved with compassion, Darpan shared the love of Christ with the family and spoke of the healing power of Jesus. And when he prayed, a miracle happened.

“The Lord touched her and cured her at once,” writes the correspondent. “The whole family was amazed, and they all started praising the Lord and committed their lives to follow Him. At present they are growing in faith everyday .”

Another time, a woman who had been barren for 13 years came to Pastor Darpan for prayer. He shared the Gospel with her and asked her to fully trust the Lord. She committed her life to Him, and Darpan prayed. Soon, she and her husband welcomed a baby into their home.

Again and again, needy people approach the pastor, and without any hesitation, in great faith he prays for them. Miracles happen and souls are being added continually to the church—which now numbers 150 members.

“Great and mighty things are happening that are unbelievable to those who still walk in darkness,” sums up the GFA correspondent.

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4 thoughts on ““Wondrous Miracles” Grow Pastor’s Church

  1. The Adam & Eve story is taken from a Chaldean myth. It never really happened. Christians say we need a savior, since those people in the garden were disobedient. Since the Adam & Eve story never really happened, we DO NOT need a savior. We are our own savior. By trying to live a righteous life, we progress thru many lifetimes to a perfected state.


  2. What is your proof that miricles are possible, from the viewpoint of a fundamentalist?
    Many determine them provable by science, and mistranslated, for example, Mary was translated from the original text from ‘young woman’ to ‘virgin’ in the Latin version – this was what the ‘miracle’ status was based on. the feeding of the 5000 in the bible neither states that all the fish and bread were multiplied in a way that defied nature – it just said that everyone was fed.
    I am involved in a debate concerning this matter, and i would just be quite interested to here your views.
    thanks, Freya

  3. Hi Freya,

    I don’t really think that all fundamentalists think that miracles are necessarily possible now, but I’m pretty sure most would believe they were before. If I were to guess, the “proof” would simply be the infallibility of the Bible, and depending on which translation you’re reading, that would probably mean that Jesus was born by a virgin birth, the 5000 were fed with only the fish and the bread, etc.

    The argument for the virgin birth is a rabbit hole I’m going to avoid for the time being. In any case, as far as my own standpoint is concerned, I’d have to refer to the miracles that occur in world now (such as in this post) as my “proof” so to speak. I might not have experienced or witnessed one for myself, but I’ve read about and heard enough accounts of miraculous healings that is sufficient proof for me that miracles can and do happen. Testimonies of miracles not only happen in Christian circles but also relatively non-Christian ones as well – in fact, I remember a news item a few days earlier that referred to a girl’s miraculous and inexplicable recovery from a fatal illness that occurred in spite of doctors’ prognoses that was on a local news channel, a woman who was brain-dead from a degenerative brain disease who had her brain restored, etc. So I guess my argument wouldn’t be so much based on the Bible so much as it would be in the modern day. Besides, in my view, an argument for existence based entirely on materialism fails to look at the evidence on a number of levels.


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