The Battle for One Soul

Dreams are an important part of our existence. Although clearly not as central a component to American culture today (Gone with the Wind) as compared to Japanese mass media (Princess Mononoke, Final Fantasy, Evangelion, et. al), dream – ethereal visages or personal ambitions – tell a lot about our sense of personal image and our main concerns.

They have major ramifications in terms of moral obligation and future endeavor.

It’s too bad we in the “civilized countries” don’t pay too much attention to them anymore.

At 8:00 one evening, Prasad lay down to sleep as usual. However, as he would soon find out, the evening would be anything but normal, as his sleep was interrupted by two bizarre dreams.

In both dreams, dark-clothed men surrounded Prasad, but a host of angels fought on Prasad’s behalf with bow-and-arrow, swords and other weapons. The angels won the battle, and the men of darkness fled.

Prasad was unsure of what the dreams meant, and the vivid scenes frightened and disturbed him. That night, he also noticed something very unusual about the Gospel tract lying on the table near his bed. The picture of Jesus on its cover began to increase in size and even started speaking to him.

Then a man dressed in dark clothes appeared behind Prasad. But an angel came, watching the man and tenderly stroking Prasad’s bed. Prasad was then able to sleep peaceably for the rest of the night.

The following afternoon, frightened by the evening’s events, Prasad went to GFA missionary Indra and returned the Gospel tracts, as well as the Bible she had given him. She responded by asking whether he had been able to read all the tracts and the Bible, and strongly encouraged him to read all the literature. But Prasad refused to take any of it.

Later that day, as Prasad was outside washing his hands for his evening meal with his family, he saw another vision. A white-robed angel in a thick cloud motioned for Prasad to come to him—but Prasad was afraid to approach. Then suddenly, a man in a black gown appeared behind Prasad again—but fled when he saw the angel. The angel then told Prasad to listen and take heed to everything Indra, the GFA missionary, had told him.

Early the next morning, Prasad visited Indra and her women’s outreach team, asking for the Bible and Gospel tracts. Knowing nothing of the preceding day’s events, Indra was puzzled, but happily gave him the materials. Prasad shared with the team his whole story, starting with the unusual dreams from a couple of nights earlier.

The women encouraged Prasad by telling him about a man who had become a Christian after seeing visions. And as they clearly shared the Gospel, Prasad believed and placed his faith in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Rejoicing, the women patiently answered Prasad’s questions about the Christian faith and also explained to him the importance of prayer.

Give God thanks for this soul that has been called “out of darkness into His marvelous light” (1 Peter 2:9, NKJV). The women’s team would be so grateful for your prayers that Prasad’s family, too, will embrace faith in the Savior.


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