video: Fox News with Bill Clinton (Chris Wallace Interview)

US Conservatives really need to be educated on spin. It’s too bad for liberals, too, that lack of representation in the Senate and House has led to such sycophancy.

In any case, let’s hope the video stays for awhile before Fox takes it down:

Part I:

Part II:

[update: Google took it down. Probably due to Fox hounds (pun intended). Download the torrent here.]

Also at Crooks and Liars. Firefox users, I suggest DownloadHelper to rip the video.

Comments (on Part II) by the timestamp of this post included:

I love the smell of Fox napalmed in the morning.
posted 10 hours ago by Hillaryious

Clinton whipped Chris Wallace’s a**ssss!!!! Yeee haw!
posted 10 hours ago by Billdiggity

FOX Propaganda Channel is a joke! Clinton rocked on that interview.
posted 10 hours ago by Common Sense

If journalists are smart.
posted 11 hours ago by Dutch

Clinton is smarter than the journalist. Hands down.
posted 18 hours ago by jen

its shameful that people like mike wallace are considered “reporters.”
posted 19 hours ago by Anonymous

Don’t be a hater. Clinton is probably one of the brightest perz to date.
Then again, if your one of those poor guys who have been subject to campaigns of misinformation, then I can understand the blind rage.
Clinton didn’t cause your problems. Most people were happier during his administration.

posted 20 hours ago by Anonymous

How is it that Clinton owned himself in this interview?

posted 20 hours ago by Anonymous

Clinton has done some remarkable things since his time as President ended. I’m glad he didn’t take any crap from Fox news, it’s nice to see something laid bare by someone in government for a change.

posted 20 hours ago by Me-baby-Me

The only idiot is you.

posted 21 hours ago by Anonymous

I’ve never seen one person own themselves so hard before.
Clinton is an idiot.

posted 22 hours ago by Dave

Dave’s remark is representative of the conservative right in this country. Yet (as mentioned above) you see the same pattern of sycophancy on the left as well (because let’s face it: Clinton was just defending his own record). In other words, one dogmatic group against another [increasingly dogmatic one]. It doesn’t help that, as far as the majority of dems go, the division leans into religious territory as well – leaving the hope for middle ground increasingly bleak.

Let’s make it easier by separating the have and the have-nots: in terms of those in power wanting to stay in power, I’d say either way it’s another win for the elite.

So here’s a word of wisdom:

Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall. Luke 11:17b

Let this serve as a prophecy for not only the US for the world body as well. “Democracy” in its current form has only been sustained through the availability of cheap energy to replace cheap labor (slave, indentured, and otherwise). We’ll see the true ugliness of the nature of humanity once we start falling down the other side of the Peak Resources curve.

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