Barry G. open thread


In the spirit of my two other posts I’d like to open up a discussion about the problems I see in neoconservatism (which I’m assuming you are).

I take it that you’re:

1. “moral”
2. Pro Israel
3. Pro America (a nationalist)

I believe in neither 2 nor 3 due to the fleeting nature of civilization. Moreover, I firmly believe, as prophesied in the Bible and consistent throughout history, that mankind will meet its eventual end.

In the case #1, if you’re going to dictate Christian ethics to me, give me verse and context. Otherwise you’re just being dogmatic.


One thought on “Barry G. open thread

  1. Like senor banned, jocko ACTS erudite, but has limited original thought and diarrhea of the keyboarding and cut and pasting fingers. Both are mean spirited. Their blogs are not worth the time to even skim. I\\\’d rather clean my pool.

    Pot to kettle, Barry?

    Heard a rumor you were trashing me behind my back after I went to bed last night albert. I\’m going to have dinner now. Meanwhile, make up a justiication for your gossiping (a sin I believe) and we can discuss that when I am finished. (#116)


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