Emergency Flood Request; GFA Missionaries Respond to Massive Indian Floods

A reminder of what some of the things that will be happening, who they will be happening to, and what their reaction will probably be – utter despair – in the coming years. A look at the overall post-Katrina, post-2004 Tsunami, and post-Pakistan earthquake situations paints a telling story about who the true humanitarians are and aren’t, doesn’t it? About who stands for their fellow man and who doesn’t. About who is truly concerned about following Jesus in good orthodoxy and its respective orthopraxis and who doesn’t. What’s the saying? “Good intentions pave the road to hell.”

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent; I was not a communist.

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China’s economy is out of control (and that’s not a good thing)

I love how everyone says “China is gonna be the next superpower” without actually sitting down, beer in hand, and crunching some numbers. Yes, they do have a million-man standing army. Yes, they do hold a massive amount of the US’ import debt. Yes, they do have nukes. But is that enough to ensure a 21st-century USA-style global domination? Maybe. Then again, probably not.Why not, you ask? Here are some reasons:

1. “Chinese people” don’t all speak “the same language”. They can read the same language – but that doesn’t quite come off the same when you want to pull off a Nuremberg rally. A recent poll showed that only around 50% of people had learned Standard Mandarin, the official government-sanctioned second language, despite a recent massive ad-blitz advocating proficiency.

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