End of the World Poll

(Note: Sorry if you couldn’t read this properly. If you click here and scroll to the bottom, you should be able to read the whole question and available answers.)

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12 thoughts on “End of the World Poll

  1. Hi Barry and Doug. This is an important message, please read and pass it along. God has made contact. The message is about Revelation. The message is from God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost respectively. It was sent in the Spring of 2006. It is about the meaning of First is Last and Last is First as written in Revelation. The message is this: In the morning I go to Heaven. In the afternoon I live my life. In the evening I die, death. What does this mean? In other words this means Birth is Last and Last is Birth. To understand this don’t think from point A to point B. Think of this as a continous circle of life. Birth is First, Life, Death, Birth is Last and completing the circle. God also said that Judgment will be before Birth in Heaven. AS birth on Earth is painful so will birth in Heaven. It is possible that this message was delivered by one of God’s Angels in the Spring of 2006. Yes, God has made contact and he sent a messenger. Spread this message along, just like a chain letter. Tell two people. Melanie Stephan

  2. This is not a Lie or a Joke. Jesus returned in Spirit in the Spring of 2006. He talked to only one person. Again this is not a lie.

  3. Hi Albert, God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost came to North America. Not to far from where Joseph Smith’s alleged talk with God happened. Maybe God just likes this place.

  4. That – the ambiguity of it, along with some of the clear mysticism I see in the first post which continues on in your next – is exactly the point I was insinuating. When, how, where, why, what were the surrounding circumstances behind this occurrence.. have you been doing anything irregular or feeling abnormal in the past few days.. what is your psychological history, how far have you gone in school, do you have a website or other forum where you are a regular poster.. the list goes on.

    What is the purpose of this “list,” you may be asking yourself. Well, for starters, it’s my own Spirit-led means to dissect whether you may be intentionally or unintentionally misleading or trying to tell some kind of truth to me and/or others. As far as I’m concerned, you have a lot of questions to answer.

  5. Hi Albert. I think you are right in what you said. I don’t tell all. Now the reason that I don’t do that is that the story is about Jesus and I don’t want anyone stealing it for profit. So everyone gets a small amount of information. I should just open my own site and put it all out there. I was thinking about that this morning. I just don’t know how to get it out there without theives making it or changing it for their own benefit. It is kind of like leaving your wallet on the street. Someone is going to pick it up and steal it. You just don’t know who you can trust with the information. Anyway I have what I think is a funny story that I heard on the news the other day I would like to share. There was a Church in Maryland that went up in flames about 2 days ago. Maybe you saw it. A bolt of lightning hit the Church and that is how it went up in flames. Now we all know that God can take us out anytime he wants with a Bolt. His aim is pretty good. Now my thought was, what didn’t God like about that Church? It would be interesting to find out what was going on in that Church before the bolt hit. Maybe the priest was at the pulpit with someones child. Who knows. Anyway I thought the story a little humorous. OK, give me one question at a time and I will try to answer it if I can. Make it an easy question, I haven’t been felling well. Melanie Stephan

  6. Hi Albert. You can read more of what God said to Melanie on this website Non-Prophet, Are you going to Hell? Melanie also gives proof that God talked to her on this site. The proof is in the story of 3 famous people Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin and Nancy Reagan. I hope you get it. God went to a lot of trouble to get his message out. He really does care about us.

  7. Whether or not this is Melanie, I was more interested in hearing what her/your background was as pertaining to the questions as opposed to blindly listening to what God had to say to one arbitrary person or another. That she/you might go to lengths to list “3 famous people” in order to provide “proof” of the supposed truth of God’s message to her could just be another ploy, and to that degree not necessarily meant to provide any words of edification or rebuke, but merely more humanist (or wacko, as I’m reading this site) gobbledygook.

  8. “Melanie,”

    FYI I’m in the process of creating an exclusive thread for your last four responses, as well as anything else you’ve posted. It will be out on the site sometime later tonight. Please direct all responses there.


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